april 1, 1965  -  august 17, 2013

"Jeff!!! I miss your face. I will always miss your smile, your kind heart your awesome sense of humor and your kind spirit. Enjoy your new adventures!  --Much Love, Lisa (Smith) Jones

"I am so saddened to hear of Jeff's passing. I met Jeff in 2012 when deciding which bikes to put in my soon to open studio in Idaho. Since Jeff grew up in Spokane (right on the border of N. Idaho) we had much in common, so it took us a while to get to the bikes. His advice and insight into indoor cycling was unmatched. The community has lost an amazing resource. Jeff's knowledge and generosity will be greatly missed. My hope is he's enjoying a nice long ride on the perfect bike. Rest in Peace, Jeff Wimmer."

"Oh, what a shock! Jeff was indeed a sweet, sweet man and his work was wonderful. He will be greatly missed and always loved."

"Jeff, you were like a brother to me. You and Vance were always up to some trick. My family was deeply saddened by the news, but wanted your family to know we are very sorry for their loss. I'm going to miss you Duffy. Rest in Peace.  --Kristi Emerson   

"February 14, 2014, Valentine's Day! I just found out about Jeff's passing. I am reeling with sadness and of course, in shock. Finding this out online as my last hope in trying to get a response from my unanswered calls and emails.I am so very sorry and my heart breaks especially for his Mom. He talked about her a lot and seemed to love her more than anyone in the entire world. I have known Jeff for many years from my business, Malibu Fitness and have bought  all my spinners from him. A wonderful human being, a great bike mechanic as everyone knows and a great friend. I will miss his voice and his kind soul."  --Lonnie

"Jeff Wimmer and his company StudioCycles was a fixture in indoor cycling pretty much from the very beginning. I remember him telling me how Johnny G used to purchase bicycle parts from him - all the parts used to build the first prototype of the Johnny G Spinner. Jeff brought an incredible amount of passion and professionalism to indoor cycle maintenance and the refurbishing of used cycles.  Jeff will be greatly missed."

"I met Jeff when he was ready to make a change in his life; hence, the American success story - STUDIO CYCLES. At that time, I had a Dodge Caravan with the back seats removed which allowed Jeff and myself to travel all over Southern California repairing, cleaning and maintaining spin bikes at various gyms and elite clubs. Jeff was living in an apartment in Van Nuys back then and I was working for the airlines, so in my spare time, I had the prividge to work alongside the most talented man in the business. Just as Jeff's business was taking off, I needed to make a bigger commitment to my job with the airlines. Jeff was like a brother to me. Jeff had the passion and knowledge of cycling and spinning and wasn't afraid to share and educate others of like interest. I will never forget Jeff, even when he would tell me at some of the gyms to stop looking at the hot women as it was bad for business. That was Jeff. Never at a loss for words and always cracking jokes. Every club we worked at was exciting because he made it exciting. He also made fun of my driving as I am a very cautious driver. He would say "you drive with Moose logic." When I transferred back to Dallas, Jeff bought back all the bikes I had originally purchased from him, which is unheard of in this industry. Unfortunately, because of our busy lives, we lost touch. I'm a better person because of Jeff and I will miss him dearly." Rest in Peace my friend. O Captain My Captain!  --James Stock

Dear Wimmer family, "I am so sad to hear of Jeff's passing. I remember with fond memories of Jeff as a 6th grade student. He was the most polite and pleasant young man. He was a good student and was very kind to the other students in the school. I always knew there was something special and he would have a great career in any field he chose." --Dave West, teacher, Pratt Elementary

"I also did not have the chance to meet Jeff; however, his book(s) remain immortal. The next time we get on a bike to teach a class - let's take that extra breath before we begin and let the exhale carry the life he brought to cycling. May he rest in peace. May his family and friends take comfort as each day passes that we will all take an extra breath for Jeff."

"There is no way we can comprehend the tragedy of Jeff Wimmer's death and it's left us searching for answers that might be difficult to ever find. In these darkest hours the pain touches us all in the indoor cycling community, and I mourn his loss as if it were my own. Jeff was the silent force behind the success of my studio in south Georgia. With a high jobless rate in this indigent community,  Jeff donated many bikes over the years without question or expectation of anything in return. The white NXT's that fill our studio, given out of generosity and love are a tribute to his memory. The Legacy of his warmth, tenderness and talent will ensure forever." --Barbara Hoots